Raised in Honor

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Treasure of both Worlds

Sayyidina Umar (RadiAllahu Anhu) was leading an army back to Madinah after an expedition when he stopped at a valley in the height of noonday. He dismounted and appeared lost in thought for a very long time. The soldiers starting sweating, but dared not move for their leader appeared to be contemplating something in the valley.

Someone worked up the courage to ask Sayyidina Umar (RadiAllahu Anhu) what he was doing, since the army behind him was waiting. Sayyidina Umar (RadiAllahu Anhu) sighed and said, “There was a time before accepting Islam that I used to herd camels in this very valley. I did not know how to herd them properly. My father used to beat me and say that I wouldn’t amount to anything because I don’t even know how to herd camels. Now Allah has made Umar the Amir-e-Mumineen through the glory of Islam and the Holy Quran.” Sayyidina Umar (RadiAllahu Anhu) used to say, “The Holy Quran has come to give us honor.”

Indeed this Glorious Quran has come to bestow honor. We should learn and memorize this Book and apply it to our daily lives. We should pray that Allah open our hearts with this Quran and give us the ability to learn this Book.

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1 Response to Raised in Honor

  1. ismaeel says:

    this generation leaders should follow the way of seyihdinah umar as a successful and honourable leader

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