The Wise Thief

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Wisdom of a Thief


There was a young thief busy stealing people’s wealth, one day a thought cross his mind he said to himself: “How far will I go with this petty stealing every now and then instead, why not travel to the king’s palace and steal the king. With that kind of money, I can then start my own business and lead a decent wealthy life”.

To accomplished his new thoughts, he started his journey to the king’s palace. On reaching the palace, in the darkness of the night he sneaked in to the palace and found himself in the majesty’s room. On hearing the sound of the footsteps, he hide himself behind the long drape’s.

While hiding he saw, it was the king and the queen walking to retire in their room. He overheard their conversation.

The Queen said, “Your majesty, have you ever thought about our only daughter?”

The King asked “what about her?”

The Queen replied “Don’t you think we need to find a Prince for our charming Princess.”

The King replied “Honey, you are absolutely right, by the grace of Allah (Subhaanahu wata’aala) we have everything excluding the heir and the next king for our kingdom hence we should find a pious humble Muslim youth from our kingdom, the one that will keep our daughter happy and be the next king after me. He shall continue the hard work of taking good care of our people”.

The queen nodding her head in agreement with the king said, “Then let us then find out that pious Muslim youth”.

The king suggested, “Tomorrow, I will ask the Vazir to find out the most competent pious youth in our kingdom and you don’t reveal this plan to anyone”.

The thief hearing this conversation thought, if I steal tonight I may get a small part of his wealth instead if I could managed to play that crucial part of that pious youth that the majesty is looking for, I may end up becoming the next king along with the charming beautiful princess and so without stealing he quietly sneak out of the palace to accomplished his new plan, let us call it plan-B.

He went straight to the nearby Masjid and started his act of the pious young Muslim. Sure enough it worked, within a few days the town started to talk about this young Muslim youth dedicated to Islam. People started to come from far and wide to listen to this eloquent speeches on the important tenets of Islam.

Then one day Vazir send his men to invite him to meet the king, but the young pious soul declined the king’s invitation saying that he was too busy in discharging the duties assigned to him by Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aala).

Hearing this, the king was further impressed, he said to his Vazir: “He is the true Muslim and our future Prince, let us go and visit him”.

Seeing the King along with his minister’s at his doorstep, tears rolled down the thief’s cheek, with so much gratitude in his heart he said to himself: “Just by acting as a pious Muslim, Allah has brought the mighty King to my door step, I wonder what would be the reward if I were to be REAL TRUE Muslim”.

Now becoming the next king and marrying the princess had lost all its priorities. He apologized and declined the King’s offer saying “Now that I have found the REAL King of the universe who brought you to my doors, my rewards from now on will be from HIM.”

A Beautiful Reminder

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2 Responses to The Wise Thief

  1. Good story. Thank you for this. It was really beautiful.

  2. ibrahim ahmed says:

    nice story and i hav learn sometin in it never reject this story in my life thnx

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